10 foods that weaken your hair

Tired of thin, fragile and brittle hair? If you have tested all the shampoos and all the care of home remedies, the problem probably comes from further; some vicious foods attack our hair softly, sometimes weakening them until the fall.  

1. White flour:


Bread, pasta, cereals and other sweets rich in gluten have one thing in common, their low protein content, which your hair desperately needs. White flour is used in conjunction with a protein-rich dish, but not as the main food. Whole flour is preferred, whenever possible!

2. White sugar:


The Same fighting as with pastries, industrial sugar is good neither for the beads nor for the health of our hair. Limit quantities in the kitchen and avoid as much as possible chocolate bars, sweets, biscuits and other sweets weakening the hair until the fall.

3. Pastries:


We also love cupcakes, croissants, chocolate bread, brioches and other delicacies of pastries. Lack of luck, they accumulate refined sugars and white flour, causing the androgen, a hormone known to titillate the hair follicle … but not in the right direction.

4. Fatty fish:

fatty fish

How, fat fish? The champions of Omega 3, so good for everything, would weaken your hair? They, but the mercury they have ingested, yes. The dose of fatty fish is therefore limited to 340 g per week, with a preference for farmed fish less saturated than wild fish.

5. Alcohol:


As good as it is, alcohol has little pity for the hair, it attacks the reserves of zinc, folic acid or vitamins B and C present in the body … and essential to the hair! Worse, in the case of regular access, the alcohol causes the stopping of the growth or even the fall of the hair.

6. Detox juices in cure:


Decidedly, the world is upside down, you clean the body and it is the hair that toast. Fructose contained in fruits, in excess and not counterbalanced by a balanced diet high in protein, Weakens the hair fiber, the juices in the cure, it is five days maximum!

7. Additives, preservatives, and dyes:


There’s no need to draw you a picture, filling our body with chemicals does not really help the hair to recover from the hair of the beast. An “E” followed by three digits in the composition of your food? Flee, additives, preservatives, and dyes go on the attack!

8. Prepared foods:


Industrial, refined, prepared, processed … difficult to trace all the ingredients of prepared meals, so certain names are barbaric. The only certainty, they weaken the hair! For a healthy body and strong hair, we prefer as much as possible the homemade.

9. Sodas:

We repeat it again? Sugar is the worst enemy of your hair! However, the sodas, faithful to their reputation, accumulate sugar in quantity, sweeteners, additives and dyes.

10. Cow’s milk:

Rarely well digested by adults, cow’s milk can ultimately weaken the immune system. And without a healthy immune system, no healthy hair!

Melissa Marie Rea

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