The beauty secrets of Julia Roberts-Pretty Woman

At nearly 50, Julia Roberts continues to be regularly cited as one of the most beautiful women in the world. You are given all her beauty secrets.

A mythical actress

Julia Roberts has shot in so many movies that it would take hours to make the list, but it is her roles in Pretty Woman and Erin Brockovitch that have marked the spirits.

The pretty redhead leads her career with intelligence, alternating blockbusters and films more discreet in which she shows the extent of her talent.

She played with the greatest directors, alongside actors just as mythical as her. Yet Julia knew how to stay simple and natural, and that’s probably what charmed one of her best friends, George Clooney himself!

Natural beauty

Despite her millions of dollars, Julia is a natural woman who values ​​her beauty secrets. Her best asset is her inimitable smile that has seduced all the men of the planet.

 To keep teeth white and healthy, the beautiful brush with baking soda, found in all grocery stores for a few dollars. And for her lips, she is content with a simple moisturizing balm.

As for hygiene, the beauty finds that too often the hair and the skin is washed, and prefers to space the shampoos and to use products soft for its toilet.

A beautiful skin

Julia has not yet yielded to the call of cosmetic surgery. She says her husband’s love is enough to keep her beautiful and young, but since we’re not going to be satisfied with that, we dug a little.

To maintain her skin, the actress uses an anti-aging cream and eye care every day. She also applies sun protection every time she leaves home. As for her hands and feet, she regularly bathes them in olive oil.

The Queen of Glamour

Julia put on her complexion to illuminate the red carpets, for which she always follows the same routine, a base of make-up, of the foundation applied with the brush, an illuminating powder on the bombs of the face and a little pink blush on the cheeks.

She then completes her makeup with an eye shadow of a pretty black cherry color, which she blends over the entire eyelids to create a smoky effect. She adds a line of black eyeliner, black mascara, and then a little gloss on her lips. And finally, she brushes her eyebrows for an intense look.

A healthy lifestyle

To stay on top, Julia leads a healthy life, made of balanced meals prepared with quality food, and a little sport (bodybuilding, jogging, and yoga).

Julia Roberts is a true inspiration. You now know her best beauty secrets; it’s up to you to play!

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