Top 20 Fat Burning Foods: That Help You To Lose Weight

No, it’s not about getting hungry and eating as little as you can, or the latest crash diet. But still, if you cannot get used to snacking a little snack between meals, just try something from the list of these foods with negative calories instead of chips or a bar of chocolate.

There are no negative calories, of course, but the term often serves as a plausible indication of simple energy consumption, the body burns fat to process these foods, consuming more calories than the snack. In addition, these fat burning foods satisfy hunger.

20 Fat burning foods:

1. Oranges:


How about getting an orange to work every day and eating a second breakfast or bridging the afternoon performance slump? An orange has only 45 calories since you can soothe the whole fruit at once.

2. Strawberries:


Strawberries are sweet, juicy and therefore a popular food with negative calories. A few of them scattered over morning cereals give the metabolism the freshness kick in the morning. Unsweetened strawberries have around 33 kcal per 100g.

3. Tangerine:


The little twins of the oranges are another food with negative calories that tastes and is easy to transport. Two tangerines spread over the day stop the plundering of the sweets. Tangerine has about 50 kcal per 100g, equivalent to about 25 calories per piece.

4. Celery:


Celery bars are popular as a party snack, and if you leave the fat dressing away, you do not need to worry about being overweight. Celery contains sugar and salt, but also many essential trace elements and is therefore already considerably healthier than salted peanuts or biscuits. Celery is the power vegetable among the “fat burners” with its only 20 calories per 100 grams.

5. Apples:


Apples saturate long-term and still contain only 60 calories per 100 grams. The pectins contained in the apple strengthen the connective tissue, clean the intestine and supposedly even help to fight cellulite.

6. Grapefruit:


Half a grapefruit contains only 36 calories, but covers 78% of the daily requirement of potassium. Grapefruits also have a fat burning effect, but scientific evidence is not found.

7. Carrots:


Carrots are not only good for the eyes; baby carrots are also a vitamin-rich snack, which distributes stress in the office with only 29 kcal per 100g. The carotene contained in fresh carrots acts as an antioxidant like the resveratrol contained in red wine and allegedly prevents the aging of the skin.

8. Zucchini:


Zucchini is a versatile vegetable with negative calories, which can be baked, steamed, roasted or prepared in many other ways. 15 calories per 100 grams are hard to undercut

9. Apricots:


Apricots are nutrient-rich vitamin bombs as small sweet bites between. The best is apricots freshly picked from the tree on the south side of the house or directly from the apricot farmers.

10. Lettuce:


Crisp lettuce leaves are rich in fiber and vitamin. Combined with a low-calorie dressing of orange juice, horseradish (horseradish) and appetite stimulating herbs, a large bowl of lettuce refreshes on warm summer summers and keeps the metabolism in motion.

11. Tomato:


The sweet-bitter taste of ripe tomatoes makes the watery vegetable imitations of past years finally forgotten. Even the notorious immature Holland tomatoes without color or taste have disappeared from the shelves of the vegetables. A tomato as a coronation of whole meal bread with fresh cheese spread, garnished with a little freshly plucked garden cress, is a simple and low-calorie delight.

12. Cucumber:


Together with the tomatoes, the cucumbers are one of the most abundant vegetable varieties. Fresh from the garden in the salad or as spicy vinegar cucumbers, they satisfy the taste for some acid and contain only twelve calories per 100 grams.

13. Watermelons:


In the summer, it is almost obligatory to enjoy melon pieces for a cozy breakfast on the balcony or during the sunbathing on the beach. With just 25 to 30 calories to 100g, melons are important allies in fat burning.

14. Cauliflower:


Cauliflower has roughly 30 calories in the raw state. As a short blanched ingredient for a mixed salad, cauliflower brings variety into the vegetarian cuisine. With its high potassium content, cauliflower also keeps the blood pressure in check.

15. Eggs:


For a long time feared because they contain a lot of cholesterol, eggs now make an incredible comeback. New studies have shown that they do not adversely affect blood cholesterol and do not cause heart attacks. And it gets even better; they are among the best foods if you want to lose weight. They are rich in proteins, healthy fats and saturate you for a long time – despite very low calorie content.

A study of 30 overweight women has shown that eggs (instead of bagels) have increased saturation at breakfast and have caused women to eat less than usual in the next 36 hours. Another 8-week study has shown that eggs for breakfast have increased weight loss during a calorie-reduced diet. Eggs are also very nutritious and help you to absorb important nutrients. But beware! Almost all of these nutrients are found in egg yolks and not in egg white.

16. Apple Cider Vinegar:

apple cider

Apple cider is incredibly popular in natural-oriented health communities. It is mainly used as a spice in salad dressing. Some also drink a glass of water daily with a tablespoon apple cider. Various studies have shown that vinegar can be helpful for people who are trying to lose weight. One study showed, for example, that when you eat apple cider with a carbohydrate-rich meal, the sensation of saturation is increased and so for the rest of the days 200-275 calories less are taken. A recently published study has also shown that people who drink 15-30ml of vinegar daily have lost 1.2-1.7 kilograms over 12 weeks. Apple cider also ensures that the blood glucose level does not rise so sharply after a meal. This not only helps with losing weight, but also has many other health benefits for you.

17. Nuts:


Although nuts contain a lot of calories, they do not make you fat. They are excellent as a snack and contain balanced proportions of proteins, fiber and healthy fats. Various studies have shown that nuts can increase metabolic health and cause weight loss. Other studies have also shown that people who eat nuts are healthier and slimmer than people who do not eat nuts. It is clear that you should not exaggerate it with nuts, because they are very high in calories.

18. Chili:


Eating chili could actually help you lose weight. They contain a substance called capsaicin, which has shown in various studies that they can reduce appetite and boost fat burning. The substance is even available as a dietary supplement and is part of many “weight loss miracle pills”. A study has shown that eating 1g of Chilies reduces appetite and increases fat burning in individuals who do not regularly eat chili.

19. Coconut fat:

Coconut fat

Not all fats are the same. Coconut oil is rich in MCTs (medium chain triglycerides). It has been shown in studies that these fats can saturate faster and burn more calories. In two further studies with women and men, it was shown that coconut oil leads to increased fat loss in the abdomen area. Naturally, coconut fat is also rich in calories and should therefore not simply be taken supplementary. It is best to exchange unhealthy vegetable oils with coconut oil. For cooking, coconut oil is the undisputed number 1.

20. Green tea:


Green tea is the healthiest drink on earth. It is full-bodied with antioxidants and numerous ingredients that are beneficial to health. Many studies have proven that green tea can speed up fat loss and help you lose weight. In a study it was shown that men who have taken green tea extract and have trained afterwards have burned 17% more fat than the men who have not taken green tea extract.

Another study over 8 weeks showed that green tea increases fat burning. Meanwhile, there are numerous studies that agree that green tea increases fat burning. Various studies have shown that the metabolic rate (metabolism) is increased by 3-4%. In a study of 60 overweight persons, it was shown that they lost 3.3kg thanks to the green tea extract and burned 183 calories a day more than the people who had not drank green tea. The experiment lasted for 3 months.


Come on … do you really need a conclusion? The fact is, all the above mentioned foods will help you lose weight by incorporating them into your diet. You do not have to buy all of them in bulk … but it is certainly useful to take some of them to you often.


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