Romantic Ideas to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

For me personally, Valentine’s Day will forever remain one more reason to show love to the dearest and closest person to me.

Everyone spend this day in a different way, some are skeptical snorts and has the principle does not recognize the foreign holiday, someone just off in the club, forgetting about all the conventions and its long-standing desire to live with a partner all his life, and someone is preparing grand or simple and very nice holiday for its second half.

Following is the list of some romantic Valentine’s Day ideas.

Your second “first” date:

Ideas for Valentines

This idea can be put at the very top of the scale of romance, which, of course, will make a strong impression on your soul mate. You will have a very strong strain your memory and make something of how much effort, but believe me – it’s worth it. Take a walk through the streets, where you first kissed, order the same drinks as the first time during a visit to this cafe. But do not forget about a gift, it will add a sense of romance and the value of time spent together.

Themed evening:

theme party

Theme parties in our time are no longer surprise anyone, but you can always upgrade your little evening. You will have to prepare in advance for such an event. It all depends on what is most fond of your partner (well, except for you, of course). Let it be a movie, a game, a book, or even a cartoon. You will need to choose any stage and re-create the whole entourage and characters there.

First, take care of the costumes. Optional buy pricey costumes in stores, you can make them the most. At the same time no one is forcing you day and night to sew them, reproducing every detail (no, unless, of course, the fact you have the strength, money, patience and time please, this is really cool!). But you cannot much bother and just make everything from paper or cardboard. After the festival will be held, will be safely disposed of it all, and you both will be only memories and photos.

Home “picnic”:


If you are ardent fans camp romance, this item is for you! Surely, you have at home there is a tent, a lot of blankets, a small gas stove or anything like that. Just not to inflame the house fire, nothing good will comes out of this idea. On the ceiling can be routed projector starry sky or just hang a garland. Grab your guitar and sing to each other your favorite song.

Movie Marathon:


So, you stay at home on February 14, and already just cannot go anywhere? No problem! Arrange a marathon of your favorite movies. A box office is now a huge number of different trilogies or, for example, the TV series so why not relax and celebrate a wonderful holiday of a unity of two hearts in their company? Purchase some tasty fast food, chips, popcorn, and, for example, beer or juice, buy or download on the Internet more interesting films or series and start to “celebrate”.

Cook something for a loved one:

Young couple in their kitchen

Start here it is necessary to explore the most interesting and delicious dishes that are ideal for a romantic dinner for two but do not forget about the practice. Better, of course, try to prepare something in advance so that at the critical moment not to lose face.

Despite the fact that cooking is a serious science, and cooking takes a lot of time and effort, the pleasure that you get during the “feast” to easily cover all the expenses, besides it is much cheaper than buying ready-made meals that also very nice.

Do not forget about the special holiday ambiance, put on your most beautiful dress and decorate all around, and it would be very nice if you come up with something like menus.



For many, the best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is just the same hike in some trendy club, where you can drink, dance, and generally enough to enjoy the nightlife of the city. You cannot be limited by any one club, and visit various overnight, and then arrange a mega passionate and unforgettable, so-called “after-party” just the two.

Wine, chocolate, and sunset:


Select the most romantic place in your city (or near it); let it be any hotel on the hill with incredible views of the city or a restaurant with a balcony with a beautiful view. Open a bottle of wine, the box of chocolates and a relaxed conversation wait for the moment when the sky will be covered with unreal red stains portends sunset. This moment is an incredibly beautiful and romantic, I think it’s a great conclusion will serve as a passionate kiss and cuddle.

Dancing the night away:


If you and your partner are considered quite good dancers, and you get great pleasure from the beautiful movements of your body to the music, a great idea to celebrate Valentine’s Day for you to exercise in any dance club or a place like this.

In addition, you can arrange an evening of dance at home, picking up a CD with your favorite music, delicious drinks dancing the night away in the company of your beloved.

The world consists only of the two of you:


It may sound a bit obvious and expected, but I think it would be very nice if you were able to turn off all of your phones, computers and other means of communication close the doors and create your own little world in which live only the two of you.

If your house has several rooms, decorate each one in a special romantic style, and during the night change its position and thus employment. Arrange all a lot of different snacks, prepare special music, pillows and blankets spread out and immerse yourself in a world where there is only you and your spouse.

For example, it would be great if you started with a hot shower together, then switched to a romantic dinner, it would be interesting film followed by further, you should have seen in the arms, lying on the couch and eventually ended up in the bedroom.

Book a table at an exclusive restaurant:


I understand that the idea itself is not new, but I think of it is still possible to squeeze something interesting. Try to visit the restaurant, in which you have never tried to try something new. Many restaurants do not only cooking and presenting it to the table, they are satisfied with the whole idea, so I think you have a good time, as well as diversify your date.

Club with live music:

Live concert

An excellent idea for any couple is dating a hike in the club, where live music (be it rock, jazz or even poetry reading). Also for this evening and should dress appropriately and theme of the concert. Just, please take care of the table, because if you go to places without a reservation, you are unlikely to find themselves at least some free space absolutely all the seats will be very busy, and you will not feel comfortable.

Magic Box desires:


Fill the jar with candy in the form of hearts and a note to a loved one. Examples notes: back massage, 10, kisses and so on. The notes can also be a question of your love and respect, “I am so happy that the Lord gave me such a wonderful partner like you.” Roll each note and tie a ribbon.

Fill the jar with candy in the form of hearts and a note to a loved one. Examples notes: back massage, 10, kisses and so on. The notes can also be a question of your love and respect, “I am so happy that the Lord gave me such a wonderful partner like you.” Roll each note and tie a ribbon.

Cocktail party:


Do you want to arrange it for you two only, and want – to invite your friends; in fact, no matter what company you have a party? The most important thing is that you have fun and try to perfect a variety of drinks. Do not be greedy and surroundings in the evening pick up interesting accessories for glasses, a slice of delicious fruit and place various additives.

On the Internet, you can find recipes for a wide variety of cocktails mix that you like, try something new, do not skimp on the imagination. And do not forget the outfit over the Valentine’s Day. Dress up in something extravagant and have fun at glory. A great way to have fun at home, when it’s winter, is not it?

Horse Riding:


Horse riding has always been incredibly fun and entertaining activity, especially such a date you will remember for a long time if you have never done this before. By the way, the prince on a noble steed, which means to take away the girl into a real fairy tale, has not been canceled! Yeah, this meeting will turn out incredibly exciting, fun, beautiful, and, of course, romantic and move closer.

Walk in the countryside:


When you go somewhere away from the bustle of the city, you will certainly “doom” themselves to fresh air and a lot of good things for your health, but above all, all this intimacy adds some erotic overtones, is not it?

You can remove any cottage, close to the town, to buy a certain amount of food and drink, take a walk in the nearby countryside and explore all of its beauty. This is a great way to relax and revitalize your feelings for each other.

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