Smoking And Side Effects

Traditionally occurring side effects of smoking are caused by the content in the composition of tobacco nicotine and tar, have a negative impact on the state of individual organs and systems. Research confirmed that every year from cardiovascular diseases provoked by smoking, kills up to 1.5 million people. It is confirmed that giving up tobacco use, the risk of death is reduced by 36%.

Deciding not to consume more cigarettes, the smoker reduces the level of cholesterol in their body. Characteristically, the positive effect is not dependent on the age category to which a person belongs. However, the elimination of addiction in the primary stage, is fraught with negative aspects. Possible side effects of quitting smoking, because the body is breaking due to the lack of nicotine, to which they had become accustomed.

side effects of smoking


For many smokers, smoking is a soothing habit helps them to relax and avoid stress. For others, it’s just aimless pastime, from which they cannot refuse. Both of these situations are a consequence depending produced cigarettes. Withdrawal symptoms during smoking cessation may include a strong urge to smoke, depression, anxiety, instability, agitation, sleep disturbances, difficulty in concentration, changes in the perception of time, sweating, low blood pressure and slowing heart rate, gastrointestinal changes. The intensity of these symptoms may vary, but most people are going through them with minimal discomfort or even without it.

Pronounced side effects of smoking:

Abuse of tobacco, have a negative impact on the following organs:

  • Lungs
  • Stomach
  • Reproductive system
  • Musculoskeletal system
  • Heart and blood vessels

The most probable side effect of smoking is obstructive pulmonary disease in the chronic form. Often the effect of smoking on the respiratory system leads to the fact that smokers suffer from asthma, eosinophilic granuloma, and bronchitis. Significantly increased risk of infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and pneumonia. High probability of occurrence of gastric ulcers, seriously affected the duodenum. It is found that smokers are at risk of the disease type II diabetes.

Nicotine adversely affects the reproductive system, is likely to cause infertility. Women at risk of premature termination of pregnancy and the early onset of menopause. The most pronounced side effect of smoking from the stronger sex, is the poor quality of sperm, significantly weakens erection, impotence appears.

They suffer from tobacco use and musculoskeletal system, resulting in low bone density. The result is an increased risk of fractures, especially in women. Men also cannot prevent osteoporosis, but in this case the probability is lower.

Possible side effects of quitting smoking:

The resulting side effects of quitting smoking, particularly pronounced in people over the long term use of tobacco products. Traditionally, there are the following difficulties:

  • Nicotine syndrome
  • Stomatitis and cough
  • A sharp increase in body weight

As nicotine causes physical dependence, denial of it leads to a breakdown, expressed in excessive irritability, reducing the level of concentration, insomnia appears. People are constantly experiencing hunger, their mood deteriorates markedly, there is nothing unmotivated anxiety. These states most clearly manifested during the first 3 days, their total disappearance takes place over 21 days.

The occurrence of cough and stomatitis caused by naturally reducing the amount of mucus in the respiratory tract. Lowering protective barrier associated with the absence of immunoglobulin leads to increased cough and appearance of mouth sores. Weight gain associated with the change of metabolism, heat production, and enzymatic activity. The maximum weight that a person is gaining, not exceeding 5 kg, but in the case of heavy smokers, this figure could increase to 13 kg.

Perhaps the most unpleasant side effect of quitting smoking is a depressive syndrome. Sometimes, people have to use antidepressants for six months after the cessation of tobacco use. It can be attributed to a particular risk of people suffering from ulceration colitis, since failure of nicotine can give a disease complication. Despite such serious difficulties still need to stop using tobacco!

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