6 Tips for Health and Beauty in Summer

As you know, the summer, it’s not just the beach season, the warm sea, sun, beautiful bathing suits and dresses fluttering. This is unbearable heat, which we have every day to fight and try to get out of this battle with the smallest lesions. 

How to maintain the beauty, when the foundation cream almost melts on your face, you feel in the desert, exhausted from thirst, and you’re most comfortable ballet flats suddenly turned into solid needles mixed with beaten glass, making each step unbearable torment? We have prepared for you 6 tips to follow that even hellish 40 on the thermometer will seem to you by no means critical state.

Tips for Health and Beauty in summer

Tips for Health and Beauty in Summer:

Following our some best tips to maintain your health and beauty in summers.

1. Lots of water:


When our bodies are thirsty, we have in mind the speed of light carried by the thought that we are now able to drink anything, it appears it is at hand. But the best remedy for a painful thirst, this is the usual clean water without gas. Even if you think that the lunch break you’re ready to sell your soul for a drink mojito or Aperol, or better yet both of them, take a sip of cold water and continue to work. Alcohol adversely affects the water balance of the body, just like coffee and black tea. It is best to make a home water with lemon or cucumber, which is not only refreshing, quench thirst, but also have a pleasant taste.

2. Replace cosmetics:

Replace cosmetics

It is much more correct to replace summer friable cosmetic cream with because rouge, face powder, eye shadow at a warm time of year, it’s not the best idea. At high temperature, they will roll down, and this leads to the fact that the pores become clogged and it is not “breathing”. 

So it is better to give preference to funds on the basis of blush cream, shadows and creams with a light texture that will not be harmful to the skin, Another life saver in the heat, it wipes matting that will hide all the flaws of the skin and will remove excess moisture from the face.

3. Wear hats:

wear hat

Wearing headgear should not only because in the very hot sun can get sunstroke, but then, to preserve the beauty of our hair. Under the influence of sunlight hairs are not only fade or change color and become more dull, dehydrated and brittle. In addition to caps, hats and scarves should be aware of shampoos and conditioners with protection from the sun, and almond and olive oil will help keep your natural hair color.

4. Forget about the razor.

stop using razor

If this advice is in winter you can still find at least a little reasonable, in the summer to forget about the razor is akin to suicide. No, of course, we do not suggest that you have the likes of small monkeys and increase your hair growth. The fact is that the frequent shaving provokes irritation of the skin, which is only exacerbated by the heat. Therefore, it is better to opt for waxing or epilator use their, own home and forget about shaving on skin for 2-3 weeks.

5. Sunscreen and sunglasses:

stop using razor

You should always remember that UV rays provoke premature aging, a layer of the epidermis becomes thicker, and resulting in the skin becomes rough. Which leads to the loss of collagen and the appearance of premature wrinkles, so the entire summer season, it is desirable to stock up on sunscreen and sunglasses that protect your eyes from the early wrinkles.

6. Diet:

summer diet

To our diet very carefully should be taken at the height of the summer season. At this time, our body needs fewer calories, so you should not habitually eat huge portions at nightfall. It is best to give preference to cold soups, fresh vegetables and fruits, berries, vegetables, salads, freshly squeezed juices and smoothies. It is recommended to exclude from your diet pork, milk, sour cream and other high-fat meat and dairy products in order to maintain an even skin tone.

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