The trick to knowing your bra size

Are you one of those women who does not know what their bra size is? Rest assured, we are numerous in this case. There is such a multitude of choices, brands, one does not know what to choose, and when it comes to buying a new bra, it is the puzzle assured! That’s why there’s a simple trick to keep your head off!

The simple trick

The most common mistake is to wear either a bra too big or too small. When it is too large, it does not support enough the breast (valid for big breasts), when it is too small, it compresses the breasts and causes problems of circulation, which eventually can lead to breast cancer …

To know if it is not too big or too small, you have to rely on the back of the bra, where the notches to attach the bra are located. Indeed, if you get to pass two fingers, between the skin and the fabric, while it is attached to the first notch, it’s good, it’s your size!

Attention to wear

However, like all clothes, the bras supports wear and wear, and relax. That’s why the other notches exist! If at the last step to spend more than two fingers, then it is good to throw away!

It is a gesture that should be checked regularly for maximum comfort for your chest!

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